Video Portfolio

A selection of my previous work in video journalism.

Hope For Children – About Us Video

I had a lot of fun making this with a combination of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. It went on to be the first thing you saw on HOPE’s website for some time.

Video Log – Our visit to the Taj Mahal

I’ve set this video to start when we’re entering the Taj Mahal, but the whole video documents leaving the UK and our first week in India. It was filmed on a GoPro 3+.

Coventry TV News Report – Club Superstore Opening

My role within this particular news package to organise the interviews, write the questions and finally, edit the video. It was presented and captured by my colleagues.

Video Transition – The Arab Springs

Made for our University TV show ‘Digital Living’, this was to supplement a segment of the show set around my dissertation on the Arab Spring Revolutions and the influence of Social Media. Looking back now I notice my voice over could have been improved.


Hope For Children – The Education Club Launch Video’s

This was the launch video for Hope for Children’s initiative ‘The Education Club’. The idea was created by the charity’s fundraising manager and myself, and I was then responsible for its finer details and creation. The sketching animations were completed by someone at ‘Fiverr’ under my instruction.

Hope For Children – Project Visit Promo

I created this from a huge selection of footage taken by a volunteer before I arrived. It was a time consuming task going through all of the raw footage and finding clips to fit the brief, but in the end I was pleased with how it came together.